Silent Deaths


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Your silence is killing me.

These snippets
and fractions
of conversation
have set me down
on this ledge
of infinite questions
and I yearn for yours–

for your unending queries
into my mind,
for your insatiable quest
to burrow into my brain
and unpack my secrets.

You speak
and hold back.

You toy with me,
play with me,
and it makes me
need you
all the more.

Teach me
how to be yours,
how to be what you desire,
how to give myself up
and belong to only you.

Shape me,
mold me,
make me

because the quiet is killing me.

~ Patience



5 thoughts on “Silent Deaths

  1. It’s always hard, to adapt ourselves to the quietness that slowly takes over after the love we found slowly loses its heat, but if you rely on someone else to give you the love you long for, eant, or desire, then, you will forever be under the person’s control, never able to break free from the vicious cycle…


  2. I waited for him to find me for 4 solid years..His silence broke my heart and I died inside.l know what you going through…Been there.Thanks for sharing.

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      • Thank you dear…l feel like you and l are connected in some way..You portray the raw emotions l find lt hard to loose myself into. I mimicked those emotions and just a day before l experienced a chest pain…l couldn’t breathe at one point.l felt sadness and l didn’t know why. I was surprised to find out you were having the same kind of emotions. Maybe healing is on the way but deep inside l don’t want to let go of him. I cant live without him and l don’t need anyone reminding me to love myself.lf you know me,you will know l do love myself..You will understand if you’ve ever been in love before.


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