Busy Forgetting

We’ve talked almost every day for the past three months, and it’s hard to stop anticipating your voice, to stop waiting for the green light to flash, to stop wondering what you’ll say next because you won’t be saying anything next. You’ll be busy forgetting, or perhaps you already have, and I’ll be busy trying […]

Goodbye: A Conversation in My Head

“It’s over now, isn’t it?” “Yes, I believe so.” “All of it? The talking too? Because that’s what I miss out of everything.” “We can still talk. How are you dealing with the rest of it?” “Better than I could be. Worse than I should be.” “How do you mean?” “I mean that it hurts, […]

Caught Between

You are the sea reflecting the mood of the sky. Sometimes, your gray surface churns out white-capped anger slashing the shores with your pain as the slate sky presses down on your shoulders. And sometimes, the blue above brightens your skin, turning your waves into toys for children, into splashing, blue joy, and I’m caught […]

Out of Reach

Like most things, it’s just too far, just beyond my fingertips. I reach and, like most things, it disappears as fast as it arrived. The sea. The sky. Your words. Your eyes. They recede, the waves pulling away, scared of the permanence of the earth, afraid of the still, terrified of losing all that movement […]


“Do you think people will come?” “Of course they’ll come. You are important.” “Not that important. So many others have done so much more.” “You’re wrong. They’ll come. I promise.” “Do you think he will come?” “Did you tell him?” “No.” “Then, how will he know to come?” “I’m sure he’ll see it on Facebook […]