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I’m a broken person,
a shattered pile
of bleached bones,
and I can’t put myself
back together.

You’re angry
and it’s my fault
and I don’t understand
why it’s affecting me so.

You’re buried inside me.
You’ve always been there.

I carry you around
like a secret
and it hurts
when you’re gone.

It hurts
when I choose wrong,
when disappointment
shadows your words,

and I am broken
because I forgot the rules,
because I’m scared,
because I hate myself
and you know this,
because it doesn’t matter.

~ Patience



5 thoughts on “Bones

  1. Sounds to me, you’re having great difficulties, detaching yourself from the love you used to know, and breaking up is never easy, especially when you’d invested so very much already into the relationship, but, just keep on working on yourself, making yourself better, increase your knowledge base, and eventually, you will be able to, look back on that memory, and feel, nothing at all.


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