It’s pain in my chest,
a heaviness I can’t escape.
I want to make it better,
but I’ll only make it worse,
like I always do,
like I’m somehow meant to do.

The air suffocates me,
and I’m drowning in silence,
in knowing I’m
a disappointment,
an annoyance,
a mistake.

I’m twisted up,
my mouth filled with mud,
and the sky is darker than before
and my chest aches
because I have no way to fix it.

~ Patience



One thought on “Ache

  1. It sound like you are beating yourself up quite a lot, and you shouldn’t do that, because you already feels that the whole world is against you, and, if you can’t be kind to yourself, then, you won’t have anything that’s good in your life, how you feel about you is the MOST important thing, and once you’d established that strong sense of who you are, then, nobody can get to you.


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