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My scars creep out
from beneath my sleeves,
and I’m choking
on the ropes wrapped
around my neck.

They bite and twist,
leaving their red marks
on my throat
because they,
like you,
only care for the pain,
yet I sing out
from the gallows
as the rope cinches tighter
about me,

while the water surges,
filling my mouth,
my lungs
with brackish and vile liquid
while you laugh
on the shore,

and I can’t escape
because I’m tied
to the bottom,
in the flow
of torture
I readily accept.

There will be
no sweetness,
no beauty,
no lips pressed to lips,
no peace.

There will be only
power and the powerless,
the demon and the innocent,
the fire and the wick.
There will only ever be
control and submission
and never any kindness.

~ Patience



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