Out of Reach


Photo Credit: Patience

Like most things,
it’s just too far,
just beyond my fingertips.

I reach and,
like most things,
it disappears
as fast as it arrived.

The sea.

The sky.

Your words.

Your eyes.

They recede,
the waves pulling away,
scared of the permanence of the earth,
afraid of the still,
terrified of losing
all that movement

the freedom,
the open gates,
and unfenced meadows.

It’s all just so out of reach,

so vast
and far
and too much
to ever be real.

Like most things.


I drove to the beach today to spend two days alone to relax and write and to do whatever I feel like doing. However, the town I chose seems to have beaches, although beautiful, that are difficult to access. I felt like the sand was just beyond my reach…like so many other things.
~ Patience


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