Caught Between


Photo Credit: Patience


Photo Credit: Patience

You are the sea
reflecting the mood
of the sky.

your gray surface
churns out white-capped anger
slashing the shores
with your pain
as the slate sky
presses down
on your shoulders.

And sometimes,
the blue above
brightens your skin,
turning your waves
into toys for children,
into splashing, blue joy,

and I’m caught
in between
the blue and the gray,
my feet stuck in the sand,
in earth that shifts
and folds
and falls away
whenever I move.

The sky commands
and the sea obeys,
and I can see the canyon growing.

The middle is no place to be
when the sky
can’t make up
its mind
and the sea
must decide
to crash
on its own.


I like how the ocean looks different depending on the sky. Anyway, since I’m at the beach, I tried to be inspired. I came here to write after all, even though I’ve barely written a word. Time’s not up yet!

~ Patience


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