To Send

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What is normal friendship
after not-so-normal friendship?

I saw a quote today
that made me think of you,
of how it feels
to have you walking around
inside my brain
trying to really know me.
I wanted to send it to you,
but I thought that might not be
what friends do.

I worried you might
think me obsessed,
unable to separate
then from now,
so I saved it instead.

I heard a song,
one I thought you’d like,
and I wanted to send you the link,
to see if you liked it too,
but is that what friends do?

I can no longer distinguish
what it might mean
to be your friend,
and I want to send you things
that friends send,
but I don’t want to lose
what little I have.

I want you
to want to know me
because I need so badly
to be known.

That’s what friends do,

Know each other
when no one else
can understand.


By the way, my dear readers, this is my 1111 post. That number is special to me, but it also coincides with my three year blog anniversary which happened two days ago.

~ Patience 



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