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It catches in my throat,
this pining loss
or aching sorrow
for something I can’t name.

I’m caught off guard,
my heart thrust into my mouth,
and I shiver
because I can’t contain it.
I can’t hold onto it
even though I don’t know
what it is.

I scream because
I’m empty,
a vase without flowers,
a sky without a sun,

and the void
encompasses my world
until I see nothing,
until it all escapes
from my lips,
this sadness,
this unending wanting

to know
what I’m supposed to do,
who I’m supposed to be,
where I’m supposed to go,

and I’m so broken,
so irreparably damaged
that even the answers
wouldn’t cease my pain.

~ Patience 



5 thoughts on “It

  1. Sounds like you’re going through some changes in your life, and you just have to keep your eye set, on that horizon, because the sun will eventually rise again, and have faith in your ability to get through everything that is happening right now, know, that you have what it takes to conquer it all.


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