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I am an island,
remote and desolate,
pieced together
from flotsam and
underwater mountains.


I am an island
where nothing touches
save the sea
with its salty lips
and acid tongue,
and I am unreachable,
spotless and distant,
vast in my loneliness.

I am an island,
but so are you.

With your righteousness
and beauty,
holding together pieces
you think are perfect,
you are an island,
smitten with visions
of your forests,
your blue beaches
bathed in hot rays
from dying suns,


by what you think you are,
what you could be,
what you imagine.

I am an island,
but so are you.


This was written in response to the daily prompt, Island.

~ Patience


2 thoughts on “Islands

  1. Sounds like you’re longing for the company of another, and afraid of reaching out because you might get hurt, and it is important, to keep yourself safe, but it’s equally important, to put yourself out there for the world to see, it’s a difficult balancing act that’s for sure.


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