Photo Credit: theVolucris at deviantart.com

You filled this void I have,
this empty space
that invades my heart.

Your words and questions,
your insatiable curiosity
pretended to heal me,
but now the cavern is back,
growing steadily,
opening wider
than it ever was before.

I’m desperate
and wanting
and lacking
in all that I am,
and I know now
how I used you
to restore the pieces
he shattered
on his leaving,

but it’s him
who makes me whole.

His eyes,
his laughter,
all the slivers
he has given me,
those are the shards
lodged in my heart,

the ones
that dug the hole
and emptied me out.

It is him
even if I’m still
just a walking disaster.

It was never you,
never your hands
or lips
or smile.

He is my mirror,
the pieces that match
my own.

How desperately sad it is
to know I will always
walk around broken
because I am without him.

~ Patience 




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