Photo Credit: Migrena at deviantart.com

In those two short weeks,
I loved you enough
for a lifetime.

The minutes were taffy
stretching out
until dawn broke
in time
for long days
where seconds were hours
only because your skin was
against mine.

And I’ve loved you
every day we were apart,
and those, too,
felt like millenia,
those sticky seconds
ticking by
at turtle speed,

but I’m still here,
waiting to love you more,
love you enough
to keep you whole,
to balance your darkness,
to actually love you
for a lifetime.


7 thoughts on “Taffy

  1. Sounds like you’re the one who’s constantly putting more and more into your relationship, and it’s a good thing, that you have so much love to give to another person, but, if the other person doesn’t reciprocate, then, the love you’d given to that other person will not be returned back to you, then, you’d be left with naught…


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