How is it?

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How is it
that I’m still
so God damn
in love with you?

It’s funny
to think about
how my heart
has remained
always loving
the same boy
I left
in that parking lot
so long ago.

And, oh,
how we’ve changed
and grown
and morphed
into something else
than those people
we used to be,
those people
we used to know.

And, yet,
here I am,
so many years later,
dreaming of
those hot nights
where my world filled
with your laughter
and my soul felt
real again,
whole in a way
it’s never felt
before or since.

How is it
that I’m still
in love with you?
Would drop everything
if I knew you’d love me back?

How is it
that I’m still here
instead of there,
curled against your chest,
your arms creating a space
in which I could live forever?

It’s stupid that
I pine and you ignore
and we both suffer
because of fear and pride,
yet we continue,
will continue
until time stops
or the fear falls away.

I hope it does,
but I’m afraid
we’ll be too old to care
when that time comes,
that we’ll be too different,
and I’ll still love
that same boy
who no longer lives inside you
and you’ll still be busy
staring at that blank wall
trying to forget.

~ Patience 



One thought on “How is it?

  1. You’re only in love with the memory of how somone used to be or how the person should be, and that, is never good, because you’d end up, being trapped, by this “love” you thought you’d lost, which you’d never actually had…


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