The Right Ones

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I have thousands of words,
millions really,
that explain my heart,
reveal my love,
the feelings I can’t contain
inside my small hands,
my smaller heart.

I read them,
these lines I’ve made for you,
and they are simple,
beautiful at times,
always sad,
and I try to pick the right ones
as if some amalgamation
could be the right one,
the combination
that would free us,
reunite us,
the ones that would
finally make you real again.

But I know
there’s no such thing
as right
when it comes to us,

to me and you.

The words mean nothing–
all these syllables
I release upon the world
mean no more to you
than I do now.

You are my world
and I am a mere blip in yours,
a gnat you keep batting away.

At least this is what
I tell myself
because it hurts too much
to think of you sitting there,
my letters clutched in your hands,
and wishing for just
one more word
from my tired lips.

~ Patience 


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