Homecoming: Another Conversation in My Head 

Photo Credit: scheinbar at deviantart.com

“Why haven’t you written back?”

“I didn’t know what to say.”

“It was a simple question.”

“So you say.”

“How are you? It’s not hard.”

“I’m fine.”

“You’re a fucking liar.”

“Fuck you.”

“We tried that. It didn’t work out.”

“No. You left.”

“Yes, that’s true. Are you still affected by that?”

“More fucking questions.”

“So answer the fucking question.”

“Why didn’t I answer? Am I still affected? Do you actually care because I am affected. Every time that damn green light flashes, I want it to be you. Or him, but it will never be him, so I want it to be you. Every time that fucking bubble pops up on my screen, for a second, I hope it’s you, but it never is, so now the green light is you. The bubble is you, and I have no clue what to fucking say.”

“I never should have left that day.”

“But you did.”

~ Patience 




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