Bones and Blood

Photo Credit: Moiscen at

If my bones could talk,
they would beg you to listen,
to speak so that they may hear
and know relief
from the ache
that’s whitewater rafting
down their insides,
from the missing that eats away
at their fragile structures
until nothing remains
but ashen dust.

If my blood could talk,
it would ask you
for one more touch
so it could burn again,
so it could feel
the rush of fire under skin,
of love in phoenix form
while begging to run cold,
to shake free of the heat
your fingers raise.

If my eyes could talk,
they would crave another look,
another glance at your
shadowed silhouette
against a sunset sky,
and all the while
they’d beg
to never see your face again,
to forget the slant of your jaw
so that they could see the world again.

If my heart could talk,
it would call out
every word I’ve scratched
onto these screens,
every line I’ve sent out
into the night
hoping they’d find your eyes.

If you would listen,
you’d hear
every part of my body,
every atom in my being
screaming out how I need you.




7 thoughts on “Bones and Blood

    • I have loved deeply and it’s true, every line I’ve written for him, about him is true. That means 90% of my blog posts and too many notebooks and Word files to admit to. 😦


      • Ohhh maan … I don’t know what to say except maybe … stop loving ? Easier said than done I know … so maybe start loving yourself as much ?? Four precious years bound by a relationship going nowhere.
        I was in one for a very very long time … and though there is sometimes a tinge of regret I had not moved on earlier I know everything has moulded me into who I am today … so this may be your moulding phase. Hope you come out strong and beautiful through the fire. ..

        Liked by 1 person

      • If not loving him were possible, I would do it. I need an end and he won’t give me that because it’s too painful for him to talk to me. This blog is my attempt to find it on my own. It hasn’t worked yet, but maybe someday.


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