Dying in Technicolor 

Photo Credit: keep-breathing at deviantart.com

It guts you,
leaves you strewn
across floors,
in technicolor,
your vibrations
in oranges
and reds,
washing thunderclouds
in blue paint,
tearing holes
in whole places,
and leaving pigment
where your bones
should be.

True love kills
while it awakens,
deals pain
in parallel
with pleasure,
and it hurts.
You bleed,
and it hurts,

but the sky,

it’s so beautiful,
and you watch
the yellows
and greens
float by
as you die,
your heartbeat
slowly fading
in your hand.

But its okay,
you think,
because you can
see everything,
feel everything
so very much
in this one second
that it’s okay
to only get this one.





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