What the fuck is wrong with people? Follow through–nobody fucking has it and it’s like they don’t care. Like when people ghost each other. What the fuck is that? One day, we’re friends or lovers or acquaintances even, and the next, you’re gone, vanished like the fucking rain in Florida–here one minute and gone the next. No explanation, no message, just gone. It’s bullshit. It’s weak and soft, but that seems to be who we are now, what we are–empty people floating in and out, disappearing and appearing only to regret and curse every choice, every move as error, as wrong, and we don’t fucking face it. Instead, we ghost. We leave people stranded in midair, their fingers bleeding from holding on to hope they might be saved, that we might come back, but we don’t, do we? No. We’re already gone, ghosts, memories forever unstable, faltering in their unknowing, in the absence of meaning, value, worth. We disappear, they disappear, and we think it’s okay, fine, kosher, because that’s how it’s done these days, but it’s bullshit. It’s all fucking bullshit because we no longer mean anything. Nothing means anything if vanishing is acceptable. We are all such broken people that we can’t even explain or call or write. We just go. They just go, and we’re all left in fucking pieces.





25 thoughts on “Ghosting 

    • I’m flattered that the excerpt was good enough to pique your interest. I honestly didn’t even know it only showed an excerpt. I’ll have to check out that setting. I’m glad you clicked and liked! 🙂 🙂


  1. Absolutely agree. Happened to me not long enough ago. Someone I had known on and off for decades and I became lovers. It went so far that I left my husband for him in October.
    He ghosted me in February. I was also ghosted 24 years ago… 2 weeks before my wedding. He came to see me, gave me a puppy, missed me goodbye before leaving to drive across the state to aee his parents for the weekend, and I never heard from him again.
    I’m completely baffled as to how a person could do that. The only time I did somwthing similar was when we ran from an abuser, which I think is probably the one reason I would approve ghosting.

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  2. I just wrote a whole blog on being ghosted. I haven’t posted it yet, it’s in the pipeline, it just happened to me and it sucks! It is hurtful and cowardly and nothing like I have ever experienced. I will take a traditional breakup any day or being ghosted.

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  3. Thanks for the post. Well thought out and so so true! It’s as if I’m a number like I was in college, except this number is invisible. I’m new to the online dating scene and learned what ghosting is about a week ago. Once I learned that I was ghosted, quite a bit changed in terms of my approach to this experience. I’m still trying to keep it real, go with my gut, and present as I am. However, more and more I think people want me to present as something I’m not. Or at least, that’s what needs to happen for me to meet more people. It’s s shame that my honesty tactic doesn’t seem to be working well. Says a lot about our society.


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