A Little Truth 

I always feel so alone even when there are people everywhere. I always feel unwanted, broken, discarded, no matter the situation, and I’m not sure how to shake the negative self-talk, to use an overused buzz word. I’ve never felt strong even though I know I am, and that’s insane, right? To know yet not […]


People desire what destroys them. It’s all the dopamine in our brains. It triggers addiction, need, insatiable cravings for that high that love provides. We know better, don’t we? We know the drug will only lead to needing more, and what happens when it’s gone? Withdrawals. Crawling skin and hot flashes, that burning ache in […]

Someone Else 

I’m lost and the pieces I leave pile up, fan out, confuse and rearrange. Still, I’m broken and I wish I could be someone else, someone like Maria, like the girl who talks to angels, Diana or Maggie Mae, instead of me, this half person who keeps fading, fading, fading until nothing is left but […]