A Little Truth 

I always feel so alone even when there are people everywhere. I always feel unwanted, broken, discarded, no matter the situation, and I’m not sure how to shake the negative self-talk, to use an overused buzz word. I’ve never felt strong even though I know I am, and that’s insane, right? To know yet not believe? 

I’m tiny, tinkling pieces, only shadows instead of solid people. And I do feel like people, so much more than one or two. Maybe three or four all tied up in this body, and I don’t really know which one is real, which one is the phantom, which one is the whole person. Lonely and multiple and never alone. Never stitched, only shattered, and always on my own.





2 thoughts on “A Little Truth 

    • I’m glad you appreciate my work. I think the vulnerability comes from my somewhat anonymity here. People I know never read it, so I hide nothing here whereas I hide everything in real life. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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