It’s climbing a mountain covered in ten feet of snow. My muscles burn through the frigidity, through my clothes, but I keep going despite the fire building in my lungs, the weight of my body clinging to each labored step. Crevasses flower under my toes, their itchy fingers hungry to suck me in, taste my […]

I Know

I know I should say something, anything, but I have no idea what to say. I am a broken human, one who sees only darkness within herself instead of light, and I’m always wrong, always over-thinking, over-doing so I don’t think it matters what I say, what I do. Nothing fixes what I mess up. […]

Small Things

“It’s the small things I remember most, like how she loved  to take pictures.  Of everything. It’s strange how I can still see the light bloom in her eyes when she saw something beautiful. I was always the kind of guy who just let the moment sink into a memory, but she always wanted to […]

It Happened–A Conversation in My Head

“The sun will go down soon.” “When?” “An hour or less.” “So that’s how much time we have?” “Yes.” “I don’t think it will be long enough.” “For what?” “To show you, to tell you-” “Tell me what?” “How it all felt like a dream, one where you don’t want to wake up. How you […]


With the confusion comes the insatiable desire for more, to feel you between and inside, to wrap you up and unspool you, watch your wires unfurl from the touch of my fingers while I wilt at a brush of yours. Yet, I’ve wandered into a dark place where doubt rains down in fat chips that […]