And you’re standing there,
brushing your teeth,
thinking about
when you had a few more
and about work tomorrow
and about the bill
you need to pay

when it crashes over you.

Your image
in the foggy mirror
blurs even more
and you realize
it’s tears not steam
finding their way
down your cheeks
because it hit you
in that sudden fashion
in which memories like to come.

You feel that ancient wind
stir your hair,
walk over your arms
sending tiny spirals of fever
over your skin.
You see his face
for an instant,
glowing with summer heat,
and you rememorize
every crease,
every edge
because who knows
when he’ll be back.

The pain creeps
into your bones again
and the longing rekindles,

but you got to feel it
that pounding heart
beneath your chest
as his phantom fingers
brush against you,
and the agony,
the fleeting memories
are worth


By the way, my stats are going a bit crazy today. I’ve had over 100 views, which is abnormal compared to my recent 15-view days .  The last time this happened, I had almost 1000 views from, I believe, one person. I’d love to know who is reading me since I’ve recieved only one like amongst all those views. If you’re reading this, my silent reader, please say hello. I’d love to know who you are.




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