With the confusion
comes the insatiable desire
for more,

to feel you
between and inside,
to wrap you up
and unspool you,
watch your wires unfurl
from the touch of my fingers
while I wilt at a brush of yours.

Yet, I’ve wandered
into a dark place
where doubt rains down
in fat chips
that tear holes
in my clothes.

I want to feel you
walking around in my skull,
feeding from my dreams.
I crave your words,
the inferno you build
within me,

but I’m cold now,
empty of your voice.

How did I get here,
this hot place
filled with silence
that speaks in deafening tones?

How is that I’ve become tangled
far beyond what I’d expected?

How is it that I’m drowning
when I didn’t even realize
I was in the water?

~ Patience



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