The sand burns beneath my feet, my bones ache from trudging centuries without rest, and I am still hungry for the pain, for the agony I feel when I reach for you. It is my beacon amongst these vast places I traverse in search of your hands, your skin against mine, our mouths locked and […]


This swirling mess of bedazzled matter chokes on its own infinite cask – rebelling and rappelling from the salinated fetishes digging cancerous holes beneath a veneer of complacence. Inward – staunched and blanched- I see arms and hands, instruments of connection that reach out and recoil under the pain of rejection… under the guise of […]


I want men who refuse to speak. They shut down and disappear, run from me or the problem or something I can’t seem to see. Every one stares blank-faced, glassy-eyed and keeps his lips clamped tight, his brain behind countless locks, and I never seem to have the key. Maybe it’s because I have too […]

I’m So Confused

It’s worse to discover someone is not who you thought they were than knowing they were against you from the start. I can’t comprehend how one can transform like this, how you can say one thing and then blackout, go dark in an instant. You didn’t fade. You vanished.  And I don’t understand because I […]

Interval or The Space Between Things 

Sometimes I wonder about the space between things, the intervals between here and there, far and near, the minutes or footsteps stretched out or compressed. At times, we are so close, the space encompassing inches instead of miles, and then we float away, thousands of steps left before our fingers meet again. And the space […]


I’m sad and I’m missing you but I don’t really know who you are anymore. Which part do I long for? Whose arms can I almost feel enveloping me in warm safety, in serenity made from skin, from bones and soft eyes and all the things that make you human, that make you you? I’m […]

Tiny Sadness

It’s strange to feel and not feel at the same time. I am so sad. This despondency hovers but does not dissipate. No tears fall to cleanse me of my sorrow. No screams rip from my aching throat releasing me of all this pain. Instead, I’m quiet. The agony bubbles beneath and oozes out in […]

Between the Lines

I had (have) feelings, so that’s why it’s different. And I thought you did too because you sort of (your head on my chest) said you did in between the words (and out loud) you didn’t say, and now your silence (deafening) screams in my face. I was wrong (as always). You say it’s fine […]