Between the Lines

I had
so that’s why
it’s different.

And I thought
you did too
because you sort of
(your head on my chest)
said you did
in between the words
(and out loud)
you didn’t say,
and now your silence
screams in my face.

I was wrong
(as always).

You say it’s fine
(it doesn’t feel fine)
and that I shouldn’t worry
(I do).
You say it’s the same
as its always been
(it’s not).

And I never used
to be afraid
to talk to you
(I’m terrified),
to reach out,
but I can hear
your cold reply
before you send it
(we normally don’t talk much anyway),
and I can hear your feet
pummeling the floor
with your fear
(isn’t that the same as cowardice?)
as you run away
from someone
(even though she’s broken)
who could actually
love you
if you let her.




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