Crazy–A Conversation in My Head 

“What are we doing here?” “I don’t know. It’s fucking crazy. That’s all I know.” “I know it is. So why? Shouldn’t we be running the other way, swimming upstream instead of letting the rapids pull us under?” “Yeah, but we’re not. Falling is much easier than fighting. I should know.” “You’ve been fighting your […]

Gone–A Conversation in My Head

“It’s gone. All of it. The pieces, the flaws, all those tiny trademarks that made me. They’re gone. Everything.” “I know.” “But why?” “Who’s to say?” “How can that be your answer?” “It just is. Like all things, I suppose.” “I don’t know how I lost myself, how this person here with you is even […]

To Fight On

We are broken, our shattered bones strewn about empty beaches while angry waves grab on and hurl our pieces into the vast. I can feel the water sliding between my limbs, encircling me in icy embraces, but I can’t feel you anymore or you or her or them, and the darkness pulls and it seems […]

Beginning of the End

Why do you leave me so unsatisfied? I try. I concentrate. I let go. I try, but nothing, and I don’t think you notice. I roll over with almost-tears in my eyes because I wonder if you feel the apartness as vividly as I do. Is it glowing in bright red, that line we’ve drawn? […]

Let Me Out

The voices in the basement scream with raw throats, breath catching in warped lungs empty of hope, and I can hear them scratching at the door, begging to be let out, so I listen, I reach in, and grasp their noise with bleeding fists, and I let them out. I watch as they emerge on […]


I am spinning. On a rocket-fueled gust of hurricane winds, I’m tumbling, plummeting on icy waves of a perfect storm. The handholds are fog, the saviors, smoke, and the ground grows close, so close that I can smell my blood in the grass, my bones mixed with dirt. Rescue me. Someone. Save me from myself. […]