To Fight On

We are broken,
our shattered bones
strewn about
empty beaches
while angry waves
grab on
and hurl our pieces
into the vast.

I can feel
the water sliding
between my limbs,
encircling me
in icy embraces,
but I can’t feel
you anymore

or you

or her

or them,

and the darkness pulls
and it seems
so much easier
to drown,
to let the salt

invade me,

suck the air
from my lips,

but what happens then?

What happens
when I hit the floor,
the view of freedom
all watery and distant?

I’m still alone.

I’m still broken,
and now no one
can hear my screams.


I must fight on,
and search
until we are together again,
until we are no longer drowning,
until the waves can no longer pretend
we don’t exist.



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