Gone–A Conversation in My Head

“It’s gone. All of it. The pieces, the flaws, all those tiny trademarks that made me. They’re gone. Everything.”

“I know.”

“But why?”

“Who’s to say?”

“How can that be your answer?”

“It just is. Like all things, I suppose.”

“I don’t know how I lost myself, how this person here with you is even possibly me.”

“Can you feel this? My heartbeat, here, in my chest, your fingers touching my skin?”


“This. Can you hear the air filling my lungs, breathing you in? Can you feel it? Can you feel me?”


“Then you are you because I’ve only ever loved this person right here in front of me. Whatever you are, you’re also always mine.”

“Even if I’m different? If I don’t know who I am?”

“You are mine. That is who you are.”

“That’s who I always want to be.”

“So that’s who you are.”

“But what if there’s more. Somewhere inside me.”

“Of course there’s more, but you have to start somewhere. After everything, you have to pick a place and begin.”

“So I should pick you then?”

“I’ll never pick anyone else.”

“Your heart is racing. I can feel it.”

“I can feel you.”

“Then maybe this is the beginning.”



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