This pain twirls
around me,
twisting until
my breath shortens,
my eyes bulge.

Fast and faster,
beating hearts
fill my brain
and I am swirling in the


this agony stemming
from dead branches
already uprooted
and turned to trash.

Pieces chunk to the ground,
ice-chip pain plummeting
into shattered images
mirrored in the lines
on my face,
the creases caused
by silent turmoils
and sullen Sundays
where nothing is new
and everything stagnates
beneath my fingernails.

Find me,
help me

because I’m part here
and partway out
the imaginary door
to an oblivion
I know not of,

and the fear bubbles,
ferments in my piteous goodbyes
while I wave and wander
amongst the crowds,


like always.




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