Wanted: Guide to Life 

I need the instructions,
a book to tell me what to do.
Some sort of manual
with directions
not so obscure as religion
and its insistence on faith.

I don’t do faith.
Life has taught me better.

But a textbook
would be nice,
something with lessons
and practical applications.

Because I can’t see straight
and the sanity hangs
on the edge of crazy.

I’m further than I should be,
more broken than I thought possible,
and fixing seems like something
my stubborn heart
won’t endure.

I’ve dug in
and my head is buried in dirt
or high in some cloudy realm
of fantasy-fueled pain.

I’m pretty sure
there’s no turning back
and that book doesn’t exist,
and I’m left floating
in doldrums of my own sick making.

That’s what I need.
A guide to life.



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