Movie Star

I want to go back
to that beach.
The one where
the sun glanced off
your sunglasses
illuminating you
like movie lights.
Your smile golden
and teeth gleaming,
me watching you
in stupid awe.

And it’s not real
or it’s surreal.
I can’t tell which.

I see you
walking next to me,
and I feel dwarfed
by your power.
The waves crash
in the distance
and water rolls away
from my toes,
leaving me alone
with the sand,

leaving me
the way you
always seem to do.

I’m there
and not there,
past mixing
the present.

And I want those
sun-bright moments

the ones brimming
with decades’ worth
of anticipation.

I still breathe you in.
Every gram of your scent
swirls inside me
and I wonder how long I can go
without your embrace,
the one you said goodbye with,
the one I never expected to feel





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