You are walking between my pieces again, scuffling about in your slippers, making yourself at home amongst my ashes. You want my thoughts, my feelings, so you pull at them until I let go, watch them tear free, until I relinquish to your heavy whispers. My heart beats, and the ache pulses with new light […]

The Line

We all have that moment, that event where we mark a before and after, when a line is created distinguishing between who we were and who we are. For some, it’s big–the loss of a child, a spouse, a parent; a divorce or separation; a career change–big moments to divide our lives into then and […]

Beer and Movies

The damp southern air slid over her skin creating a slick layer of ocean mixed with sweat on her arms. She looked out the car window for the distant breeze rustling the palms across the way and wondered at the idea that she was finally there or here, if she wanted to get technical. The […]


There’s something sharp about the way I love you. The charred edges, jagged cuts inside clean holes, they fit with wire claws. This love, it breaks me into finite sand, slicing at my persistence, yet I endure. I hang on, fingers bleeding, clinging to this razor love, this poignant pain that traverses my insides. And […]

I Am Made of Letters

Dear Johnny, I can’t talk about you without crying. I once heard that you will know you’re over something when you can talk about it without crying. It’s been fifteen years since I’ve seen your face, touched your skin, felt your breath on my neck, your lips wandering down my spine. And I still cry. […]