Some Rhyme and Rhythm

You tell me you love me
with a mouthful of leaving
and I swallow every bit
that you give.

We are locked in arms
filled with losing
and our smiles are
permanently killed.

These pieces you left
are folded,
broken and stuffed
in our mouths,
and I wonder how long
it will take you
to find reason
inside of these shells.

I’m buried beneath
your consistencies,
your silent and wandering lies,
but each moment
you whisper these nothings
is another on this frozen ride.

I miss you
with all of my bones,
my blood and my heartbeat too,
and I know you are just
a blind mouse
running inside
of his shattered wheel.

All I have left are
these vacant words,
windowless houses of pain.
One day I think
you’ll read them
and hear every word I have made.




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