The Line

We all have that moment, that event where we mark a before and after, when a line is created distinguishing between who we were and who we are. For some, it’s big–the loss of a child, a spouse, a parent; a divorce or separation; a career change–big moments to divide our lives into then and now. 

But for others, it’s small. It’s so minute that outsiders might see it as a minor blip on the scale of life-changing events, a mosquito that can be brushed away and forgotten. 

But we are not the same. People come in many colored packages, some tied with bows and others barely covered in old newspaper, and our moments, those minutes where we find our joy, our loss, our love, those are who we are whether they tower above us or stay hidden in the cracks. 

My moment was small and it happened when I was very young, but it has shaped me, carved into me the image of who I was and who I am. It is my line, my mark of before and after. It’s then and now, and he lies in the in between.

~ Patience


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