Dancing: A Conversation in My Head 

“I love this song.”

“It’s a good one.”

“You should dance with me.”

“That’s not what we do.”

“I know. But, so what?”

“It might change things for you in ways that are dangerous.”

“I know, but anything with you is.”

“True. But you know my thoughts on us moving past our agreed upon relationship.”

“I understand, but it’s a dance. We used to have more than demand and confirm. We used to…”


“I don’t know.”

“That answer will cost you later.”

“I know.”

“So answer the fucking question.”

“Talk. I want to listen to music, talk, be, and not just belong.”

“You will always belong to me.”

“I know. That was never the question.”

“Then, what is the question?”

“I want to dance with you. I want some of your gentleness. Just for a minute.”

“We have never been gentle.”

“That’s not true. You’ve held me many times.”

“But you loved me then.”

“Don’t I have to love you, at least in a way, in order to be what you want? Here? In this secret room where you command and I submit?”

“Aren’t you worried you’ll regress, want me again, like you did before?”

“I told you. I could never just be with you. I would suffocate under you, drown in my devotion, lose myself to be who you want. I could never do that.”

“Alright then. Dance with me.”



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