I close my eyes
and let the music
move in,
let it thrum
through thoughts
I didn’t know I had.

* * *

You stood in the rain once
telling me not to go,
saying sorry to car windows,
and I thought I couldn’t get
any sadder
than that moment.

I watched your resolute face
fall a bit,
crumble beneath
some sort of tenderness
you hadn’t known before,
and I wept
as I watched it vanish
before me.

I still don’t know what it meant,
why your eyes looked softer,
your concern so much truer
with the rain washing your cheeks.

I think it means more
than you say.

It’s why we’re here,
why we are.

It’s that moment
where you fall
and I almost miss it,

where I run
and you demand I
turn around,
even though the pain
eats my insides,
even though
replaces my blood,
the unknown
pumping through me,
giving me life.

It’s the back of that truck,
our lips touching,
the anticipation biting
at our limbs.

It’s why.

Why you
and why me
and why it’s still
in our bones.

* * *

Music fades
but memories do not.
they collapse in
on themselves,
fold up,
and create another layer,
one I had almost forgotten,
one that means something,
just like the truck.

We humans remember
the strangest things,
but I think those are
the moments that matter,
the ones we keep
to carry with us,
to keep us
or close
or loved.





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