Trying to Forget

That feeling,
the one where your stomach
gets all warm and jumpy,
and flames wrap around your face
the moment his chilly fingers
touch your cheek.

That feeling
of new and possible
that races from your head
all the way out your fingertips,
and feels like you could
paint the night
with the sparks flying out
of your hands.

That’s what I need to forget.

The feel of his lips on my neck,
his hands on my skin.

I need to forget his dark eyes,
the brown so deep
it feels like I might fall forever.
How it feels when he catches me
on the edge and kisses me harder
to make sure I know where I am,
that I’m with him.

And we watch the sun rise
from purple to bright gold.

That’s what I should forget.

Wanting to watch
the sun come up
in his eyes.


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