Sad Eyes

I am wading
in the dark of you,
through your mires,
your swamps,
all the black
that makes you.

I keep knocking
on cave walls,
on cottage doors
hoping you’ll open one,
even just a crack,
a sliver of welcome,
of wanting,

because I want to know you.
I want to walk around
in your mind
and hear your heart beat
from the inside.

To hold your pieces
up to the light
and let the dark drop out.

You are so much more
than the shards you choose to see,
those tattered walls and windows,
those holes where people used to be.

You are sweet shadows
and smoky whispers,
the spaces in between the dark and light,
a beautiful sadness,

and I want to hold you,
touch you until you melt back together,
until you understand
how my world explodes
in undiscovered colors
every time you look at me
with your sad eyes.


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