Stupid Things: A List

I keep thinking about stupid things like:

throwing my laundry in
and regretting washing your scent
from the clothes I wore last time we touched;

how I haven’t yet washed all of them
so I can remember any trace of you
that remains;

wondering when I’ll have showered enough
to no longer feel your fingerprints
on my skin;

doesn’t your dermis completely renew
every seven years? So eventually it will be
as if we’ve never known one another,
as if we’re strangers.

the way you talk to me
in broken sentences,
half lyrics, half poetry,
your voice filling every syllable;

am I changing this suddenly,
this drastically,
all because of one day,
one man?
Because that’s how it feels;

how scared I am to want
the words,
the talking,
the pieces I never had,
the parts I crave more than sex;

wondering how I am supposed to go on
pretending I am not changed
by knowing you,
by feeling you inside me,
body and mind.


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