Beautiful Nightmares

I have these nightmares
disguised as dreams

where we are cooking dinner together,
music playing, loud,
and your laugh fills me up
each time it rings out;
we dance and eat
and make love until we are
blurry and exhausted.

Or where we are driving up
some country road lit with dappled sunlight
falling through the canopy of trees above;
you’re holding my hand,
and you bring it up to your lips
and kiss me soft.

Or the two of us,
old and white,
reading in some warm room
with a bright, crackling fire,
your arm around me
as you read me a line or two
that struck your heart.

Nightmares disguised as dreams
where I am yours and you are mine
and things are how they’re meant to be
long before we knew it.

They are beautiful which makes them sad.

Impossible is always sad.



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