Do We Know?

You sort of know when it’s over,
when anything is, really.

Time warps for the slightest instant,

and poof,

you know.

Like the sound of your voice
that last time on the phone,
the shudder that said
what your mouth couldn’t.

Or the way his messages seem
to become shorter,
less frequent.

The way I seem to vanish
every time I try to be seen.

And we just know,
don’t we?

Sometimes it takes a bit to adjust,
to recognize the finality in
that kiss,
that whisper,
that look,
but it’s there.

We all can feel it,

That emptying-out of things,
the pouring away of time spent
in learning instead of building?

It goes.

And we know it will,
but we grip until our nails rip
from their beds,
hoping for just
one more second

to hold on.

One more moment to remember,
to change our minds,
to change theirs,

but we know hopeless when we see it
even if our hearts pretend we don’t.


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