Is this my life?

Fragments mingle
with whole stories
and they dance around my brain
like they have something to say
when all they spell is confusion.

I lost again
(as if I was ever found)
and I’m not sure if the me I know
is actually me,
if the pieces I remember
are really real.

I do the same things I always did.
But I am




The shards no longer make
whole images,
full pictures
of who I am
and what I want,
what I hope for.

Is this my life?
Is this who I really am?
All broken and cluttered,
torn and misplaced?
Or is this it
and I’ve yet to realize
the greatness of now?
The possibility of present?

It’s all a sham anyway,
this figment of happiness,
this notion of right
amongst a world filled with wrong.

I need fire
and I get



air rising

in familiar patterns
when all I want is



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