Solution to Anxiety

Pain ripples through my bones,
sends aftershocks
trembling over my skin,

and I don’t know where it comes from.

I vibrate with hot breaths,
flying fast from lungs
that don’t feel like mine,
while flames rip their way
out of my eyes,
and the air thickens,
pollutes my mouth,
yet I gasp for it
because it’s the only thing
that will fix,
remedy this incessant pounding
of my blood aching to get out
of my body.

For no reason.

Wasted muscles for days,
throbbing for release that doesn’t come.

I have no control.
I am helpless

to choose,
to breathe,
to move,

and that’s why I let you own me,
why I let you command from me.

Because I choose it,
because I have the control
to release my power,
to relinquish all I am

to you,
to your desires,

and all I have to do is

move, breathe, accept.


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