I guess I got what I wanted.

I just didn’t realize
it wouldn’t be enough.
That I would open my eyes
and see your face
and know this was where I belonged.

I didn’t know that just being
wouldn’t be enough.

I thought I needed
To hold me
and smile at me
and make me feel.

But I didn’t realize
I didn’t need


I needed you.

It was only
your hands,
your eyes,
your mouth,
lying next to you in that room,
under that white down blanket,
my fingers walking around your tattoos
as I listened to your warm words
float into my ears,
wander around my head,
hearing your secrets,
the worries behind your eyes.

I miss you like I miss
a home I never had,
a life I never lived,

and I keep wondering
if your arms are where
I’m supposed to be.



I began this in 2018 and decided to edit it today. Who knows if it’s any good or if I still feel this way. I can’t tell anymore.

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