I am Patience because that is all I have. I have waited 12 years for you, and I will wait a hundred more if that’s what it takes. This blog is my way of releasing myself.

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  1. The title of your blog caught my attention and the little blip describing it almost made me cry! You may never be able to send these to who you intended, but I’ve enjoyed reading them. Thank you for sharing your writing!


  2. Patience you’re almost there kid. I’m struggling to let go and ‘release myself’ too so that good stuff not just love can come into my life. We owe it to ourselves to be happy, we are here but for a while. If it was meant to be the man in our lives would have stayed so for whatever reason it is time to close that chapter of our lives and open the door to the next. It will be different and maybe just maybe it will be even better, more liberating, full of joy and not hurt, regret and pain.


  3. I’m so grateful I found your blog. It speaks to my heart in volumes I cannot express in words but the wistful smile on my lips and the aching beat of my heart. I wish to be bless with your Patience and find my way to the other side. Thank you for walking me through some steps along the way tonight.

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      • Thank you
        I am not sure if you’ve come across this poem before, by Wendy Cope, but the short description you wrote reminds me of it :’)
        At first I sent you a postcard
        From every city I went to.
        GrΓΌsse aus Bath, aus Birmingham,
        Aus Rotterdam, aus Tel Aviv.
        Mit Liebe. Cards from you arrived
        In English, with many commas.
        Hope, you’re fine and still alive,
        Says one from Hong Kong. By that time
        We weren’t writing quite as often.
        Now we’re nearly nine years away
        From the lake and the blue mountains,
        And the room with the balcony,
        But the heat and light of those days
        Can reach this far from time to time.
        Your latest was from Senegal,
        Mine from Helsinki. I don’t know
        If we’ll meet again. Be happy.
        If you hear this, send a postcard.


      • I have never heard that poem before. It is beautiful and fits exactly with how I feel and what I want my words to portray. Thank you for sharing! I love it. πŸ™‚


  4. I enjoy your blog so much! Your title is so intriguing and perfect. Your writing style is amazing! Simple, with so much meaning! You are able to put so much emotion into each word. Easily readable. Easily relatable. Beautiful!

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  6. Your poetry moves me. I have lived your sorrow. You have created something noble and painfully beautiful from your loss. I allowed my pain to destroy me in many ways; I am trying to reconstruct my life now.
    I wish you all the best. I am following your blog.

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    • Thank you for following, and I’m sorry for your pain. Loss, in whatever form, is so difficult. I wish you luck in finding your way back, and I appreciate you reading. πŸ™‚


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  9. I never have to wait for my love, for I am always with me and as I love the life I have, that love is shared with those that share it with me. I grasp onto the life long romance with the life and the people within it.

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