Heart torn in four pieces. Atriums and ventricles beating apart, distance seen through cracks held together by thread, tiny sinews clutching at the shards of a once beating muscle meant for all the love. Breaking, shattering when whole is needed instead of real. Four knives ripping my flesh, the blood which makes life, the possibility […]


Deviantart.com, DigiZCP My tears won’t recede from my eyes the way the sea leaves the shore. They pool in egg-shaped patches where my knees once begged you to stay. They fill empty cups of coffee-stained tables where you drew pictures of Christmas and held my hand to your heart while we slept. The tears won’t […]

Twelve Pounds

The weight of it. A building so tall it topples the mountains surrounding the heavy inside it. Magnitude resting in tiny hands inside stranger’s hands inside a room so large it crushes every heart inside. The mass of this ache balloons to huge, the volume expanding to infinite all while staring at something so small […]