This swirling mess of bedazzled matter chokes on its own infinite cask – rebelling and rappelling from the salinated fetishes digging cancerous holes beneath a veneer of complacence. Inward – staunched and blanched- I see arms and hands, instruments of connection that reach out and recoil under the pain of rejection… under the guise of […]

Invisible Shadows 

I picked you up, but you were already gone– already gray with time, dusty with forgetfulness, and I wondered when you had become so lost, so torn and broken that even love couldn’t save you. And your lifeless skin laid bare across my own staunch repose– chilling slumber that whites out my eyes, and justifies […]

Falling Into the Fringe

My best interests don’t exist, swept under the subterfuge of my folly, far up-creek without a paddle, fighting the rapids that flail and fling me out into the fringe, out beyond what’s good and whole, far past the right turns and suggested streets. Instead, I scramble, swing, shatter while my best intentions flop around like […]

Fate’s Crumbling Grip

Slipping, slipping,  like rain  through shingles,  and shuddering,  falling in between the slats,  pecking at the window glass,  asking to come in,  to walk around,  to stay awhile.  “Welcome,” I say,  and suddenly  lines are undrawn  and stars become uncrossed  so that lovers might love  in spite of the rules written  in the sky  on […]

Hollow Thoughts

These speeches tingle  in their evanescence,  their spiritual ability  to transcend  what I thought  could be real.  This truth  sticks out its tongue  and stirs my inner chaos  with its mocking laughter,  its broken rhythms,  and I wonder  if I’m the only one who hears   The soft squabbles that live in the space between […]