The Shedding of Pieces 

The things we leave behind are also the things we carry. We slough off the people and places we outgrow, shake free from stale ideas and antique dreams, yet these fragments we try to lose are the scaffolding on which we live, grow, love, die. Without the shedding of pieces, we would not be ourselves, […]

I’ll Remember You

I’ll remember you when I close my eyes, but times have changed and now I’m not the one anymore and we are nothing but pictures of you and me wrapped in a goodbye song. I try to have patience, to wait for the next time I fall in love with someone like you, but it’s […]

Tangled Branches

When you left, your skin was pure, broken only by that constellation of freckles nestled on your chest. I remember marveling at your naked skin, its bronze luminescence, its perfect unpredictability. When my fingers were able to once again feel your warmth, they couldn’t help but trace the ink, the pictures, burned, tattooed into your […]