There’s something sharp about the way I love you. The charred edges, jagged cuts inside clean holes, they fit with wire claws. This love, it breaks me into finite sand, slicing at my persistence, yet I endure. I hang on, fingers bleeding, clinging to this razor love, this poignant pain that traverses my insides. And […]

Empty Carts, Revisited

​It wouldn’t have worked out anyway. I tell myself these lies in hopes that my heart will eventually believe them, will eventually quell the pain that slowly circumnavigates my body and drives tiny splinters of missing underneath my chewed fingernails. I cannot breathe without breathing you. I cannot drink without every sip tasting of your […]

Words Aren’t Enough 

My words aren’t good enough, right enough to explain how missing you fills my body, swims in my blood, eats through my skin until I’m nothing but a pile of empty. No words can depict how the lack of you burns me into heaps of embers choking on loss. Nothing I say can show you […]


It’s in my blood. Heat burgeoning upon the surface, exploding under skin, like it’s running a race through my insides, and I can’t stop thinking– of your face, your lips, your voice walking around in my head, going through all the locked drawers and examining all the parts of me. It’s in my blood, this […]