Another Real Conversation

“Where are we going?” “For pizza. You like pizza, right?” “Um, yeah. Doesn’t everyone?” “I guess.” “I can’t believe I’m leaving tomorrow. It feels like I just got here.” “I can’t talk about this.” “I know.” The drive stretched out its arms into the space between us, the air curling among the silence. “We’re here.” […]

Maidens and Their Towers

We are towers or perhaps the maidens locked inside the towers. All we are is solitary hope, isolated dreams held captive, tormented by windows into out. Outside, out there, beyond these concrete walls and broken stairwells. We look in longing, in the exile we created. The open doors lead to closed windows, high in locked […]

An Extra Day

I’ve lived so long with these pictures, these images of who you were, who I imagine you to be, that I can’t tell who you really are. Every day I’ve lived without you is another day the hole in my soul grows larger, and its vastness is now immeasurable, unsustainable, ridiculous in its ability to […]

It Sticks

Absence sticks like smoke clinging to the ground, clogging lungs, suffocating, hovering, sticking. It’s a blade in your side every moment you breathe, a pain that never subsides. One where two should be, alone where full should be, it’s significant in its insignificance, a jacket in the middle of summer, wearing jeans and trying to […]